1. Thank God for Tim therapy. 


  2. Summmerss!


  3. In the end.

    I think I might be happy..


  4. 'In a society where all adventure has been destroyed, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.'

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  13. So this happened… Walmart adventures. Oh lord.

    Last night in Walmart, I had just gotten off work, still in my pants suit and stilettos. (Yea I looked pretty gangsta for Walmart attire) I was shopping in the hardware section for floating shelves and a stapler, miscellaneous things for some home projects. When a guy walking buy did a double take then a complete 180. Oh great I thought, please don’t talk to me, I thought. He was cute I was just annoyed and not in the mood. He strolled up to me rather confidently and asked if I had gone to his high school, I politely said nope, wasn’t me I’m not from around here, he saw the chance to strike up conversation that I mistakenly dropped. Well where are you from he chimed, I replied. with what he followed by saying oh well what brings you to Boise? I uninterestingly replied oh work. By this time I didn’t want to be rude so I asked if he went to school ( I have this skill where I can talk just to hear myself talk, keeps me entertained, when I really don’t feel like talking, helps me on the sales floor that’s for sure.) He laughed and casually ran his fingers through his hair, sighed and said oh I graduated, I have my associates. (is this guy for real? I asked myself very bored and looking for a way out of this conversation) With that he looked at me and said, yeaaa I’m a Parole officer (Perfect!) Getting excited I chimed Oh! cool! we probably know a lot of the same people! His excitment was returned by oh yea? You have a lot of friends in law enforcement. Looking down I sweetly replied no, all my friends just got out of prison. Funny thing is he thought I was joking, until I turned on my heel and said hey nice meeting you, now I have to go clean all the beer bottles out of my car. I enjoy provoking danger…